VeloBrew BAR/BAT September Criterium – CANCELLED

Florida and Southeast Racers,

It is with regret that VeloBrew Racing must announce the cancellation of our Florida Bicycle Racing Association BAR/BAT series Criterium on 9/19/2015. This decision was reached after multiple race organizing committee discussions and a meeting on the matter. VeloBrew Racing was originally not planning on promoting a race for 2015, in order to determine a successful and sustainable race model for Northeast Florida in 2016 and beyond. We agreed to do so in order to support the FBRA’s efforts and ensure north Florida representation in the series.

With only 3 weeks remaining until the event, the support required for an event that is part of the state’s premier road racing series is not being received from national, state, and local entities. Three other events in the state of Florida have been permitted by USA Cycling for the same weekend and a local event for the same day outside of the race has been announced by a competing local

team. Rather than risk putting on a low quality event, losing money on an event for the third straight year, or not having attendance that returns value to our sponsors, VeloBrew Racing is going to step back and focus our efforts on planning for 2016. Our emphasis will be placed on what we have determined to be best for our local cycling community and the development of the next generation of racers.

We will be making announcements towards the end of the year once initial plans are in place. Thanks to our sponsors who have supported our efforts to grow racing in Northeast Florida and we hope to see you at our events in the future.

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